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Massages and e-bikes rental



These massages are performed by a friend, Paul, who use only organic products. His massages are made for deep relaxation and mind traveling.


* Gentle bonesetter method : 60 minutes / 60 €

Inspired by the ancestral tradition of the bonesetter, this massage aims to relieve pain and tension From the neck to the pelvis, in a first time talcum massage to reposition the nerves and tendons as well as to eliminate existing tensions. In a second time with organic shea butter from head to feet for lasting relaxation.

* Deep tissue:60 minutes / 60 €

Soothing and deep massage from the neck to the feet made with organic shea butter enhanced with essential citrus oils for a total escape far from daily's life

* Sports massage 60 minutes / 60 €

After a sporting activity or simply for the pleasure of feeling relieved after a long day, this massage is perfect for total relaxation. Realised with organic oils, it stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins from the muscles and reduce muscle stiffness.

*Abhyanga's massage: 75 to 90 minutes / 75 €

Coming from northern indian's tradition, abhyanga's massage has virtues that go beyond the simple relaxing and invigorating effect of a massage. It is made with hot oils that are adapted according to the person receiving the massage and his morphology. Relaxation and escape of the senses guaranteed.

*Hot stones supplement € 15: Improve your experience and relax even more deeply after the massage you choosed to escape a bit longer and bring a delicious letting go feeling.


e-bikes rental

- 2h : 15 €

- half day (9-13 h ou 13-17 h) : 20 €

- 1 day : 30 €

- 1 day + picnic : 35 €

To book ahead

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