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Products from the Alteville farm

The Alteville farm: Certified "Organic Agriculture" since 2011 .

The Alteville estate farm is run by Ghislain and Tristan, brother and nephew of David (he manages the orders).

Among the products produced and sold on site:

Blonde d'Aquitaine beef,

Veal , Blonde d'Aquitaine breed,

Free-range, grain-raised free-range broiler chicken,

Sausage made of beef: sausage, dried meat (type "Bündnerfleisch"), sausages, sausages for roasting ...

Complete or semi-complete meal,

Green lentils, barley and small barley ...

Details of available products and orders directly on the farm website : ("farm products" / "orders" tab)

If you wish to collect the products during your stay in Alteville, you will need a cooler for fresh vacuum-packed meat.

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